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MMA is the fastest growing sport both domestically and internationally and has performed exceptionally well in the male and female 18-49 year old demographic. With its explosive expansion, MMA is also sanctioned and regulated in over 43 states and growing. Multinational corporations have caught on to the phenomenon and top name brands  are proud sponsors of events, making MMA is the hottest growth sector in sports today and continues to reach new heights.

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Cage Fighting’s Popularity Has Media Giants in a Slugfest “Part of what draws media companies to mixed martial arts is the sport’s allure to what marketers call “superconsumers,” or men aged 18 to 34 who watch sports but are otherwise tough for advertisers to reach.”

  • New York Times: The Slugfest in the Executive Suite, 2/16/13


According to statistics from mixed martial arts is slowly gaining ground with the younger and more affluent American Consumer. An estimated 18.1 Million Americans took part in some form of Martial Arts last year. Out of these 20% have an average income of over $100,000 while 57% have gone through college. An estimate 18.1 Million American took part in some form of Martial Arts last year. Included in that estimate are.

  • MMA Frenzy, MMA Frenzy


According to Scarborough Sports Marketing, in addition to being a youthful demographic, MMA fans have sound financials. They are 15% more likely than the average American to have a household income of at least $75,000, and are 10% more likely to own a second home. They are selective investors, and 6% more likely to have stocks or stock options in their household. Additionally, they are 33% more likely to invest online.

  • Mediamark Research & Intelligence




  • MMA is the fastest growing sport in the United States and a multi-billion dollar industry. 
  • MMA’s explosive growth has fueled a new generation of fans.
  • MMA is no longer an emerging sport, it is mainstream, established and competitive in the sports industry.
  • Television networks are quickly responding to MMA’s growing popularity by increasing
    coverage of the sport. (UFA and Brawl Call typically air over 80 hours a month)
  • MMA, now mainstream, rivals traditional sports such as baseball and football for loyal fans. Males 18-39
    are trending towards claiming MMA as their favorite sport.
  • Research shows that in this same demographic, MMA viewers and fans are more affluent and
    have substantially more earning power than fans of other sports.